Other Project-Based Services

Other Project-Based Services

Project-Based Cleaning Services

If we all had endless amounts of time, how tidy and organized our homes would be! The good news is that we aren’t just about cleaning; we organize, clean out clutter, label, alphabetize, and much more!

Have a project that you want tackled to make your home run better, like toy bins for your child’s Legos, or a laundry room that is organized and labeled? We’ve got it all covered. Not sure what you need? We can handle that, too. Show us your mess and we will find a place for everything and everything in its place.

Project Based Cleaning Services

Our Obsessive Behavior Pays Off!

Our obsession with cleaning and organizing is what makes us your greatest asset! When our clients turn over their mess to us and allow us to get creative, we do some really amazing things.

Our mission is to find a way to make your life easier, to cut the clutter, to clean out the recesses of your pantry where expired food is lurking, and to find inventive ways to make your home look amazing and function even better! You will be surprised by the many ways we find to make things “fit.”

Got a Project?

No, we do not have a list of services when it comes to project-based cleaning and organizing, because no two homes need the same thing. We would love to see your home and make recommendations about how we can free things up, make things handy so you don't spend half your day looking around for things you can't find, or even clean up your junk drawer - although it is called the junk drawer, it is best to probably get rid of what truly is just junk! Organizing, labeling, cleaning out, and rearranging aren't just our talent; it is our passion and what we LOVE to do!